Terms and Conditions

All terms and conditions should be strictly followed. Techaboki reserves the right to modify this terms as needed.

Participation and use of any services provided by techaboki on this platform is bound by this terms and conditions. Only use this platform if you agree to the terms and conditions spelt out below:

All fixes successfully completed on techaboki are covered by a 1 month warranty provided the incurred damages does not include water or any form of liquid damage, damages due to physical malhandling of devices, etc.

By Booking a fix on techaboki, you certify that you are the device's rightful owner or have appropriate permissions and rights to handle this device legally

All fixes and payments successfully processed by techaboki and its technicians nationwide are non refundable and by such, all fixes are properly inspected before dispatch.

While it is our utmost priority to ensure the confidentiality, security and recovery of your data on your devices, not all device data are recoverable. Therefore techaboki will do its best to ensure the backup and recovery of all customer data and will give good explanations and reasons in exceptional cases.

All Repairs left unclaimed by customers after 30 days from the date of service completion becomes a property of techAboki, and customers will need to pay a fine to reclaim these devices.

All Parts purchased by our technicians nationwide for replacement are covered by a 7-day warranty from date of purchase. The Return of such parts is subject only to manufaturing defects. All warranty is void for any of the following reasons:
- Liquid, Water damage, or any form of physical damage.
- Serial sticker information on replaced part is removed or tampered with.
- The part in question is damaged or modified.
- Nylon Film Cover on replaced part is removed.

Now, that's not too much conditions to abide by :), . we will continue to modify our terms and conditions to ensure the best service for our customers. cheers.